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Will your current Year 5s struggle with Year 6 Maths?

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  • Tick green 4f7dd02040853f817219283cd2b0668da4e7af683f212f57c6908784080f3acfHave you identified those target pupils still not achieving the expected level of progress?
  • Tick green 4f7dd02040853f817219283cd2b0668da4e7af683f212f57c6908784080f3acfAre there some key concepts from this new curriculum that still trip pupils up?
  • Tick green 4f7dd02040853f817219283cd2b0668da4e7af683f212f57c6908784080f3acfDo your pupils lack reasoning skills and the ability to problem solve?

1-to-1 interventions accelerate progress in Maths

In a 2016 trial with Rising Stars, pupils who had weekly targeted curriculum support from Third Space Learning tutors made 7 months' progress over 14 weeks.

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Better test outcomes

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Engages children in Maths

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Pupils explain their calculations

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Develops confidence

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Easy to setup

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How it works

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    You identify the target pupils

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    Each pupil has a weekly personalised lesson with their own 1-to-1 Maths tutor

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    You control the programme of lessons each pupil receives

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    Tutors follow a mastery approach, using variation and questioning to plug learning gaps

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    You receive weekly and termly reports on your pupils' progress

Year 6 SATs Foundation

12 weeks of 1-to-1 Maths lessons from specialist Maths tutors

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Before 29th May


From £16 per pupil per lesson

From £189 per pupil per term


Money-back guarantee

Contact us in the first 6 weeks and you can cancel the sessions and receive a full refund!


Why is this only available for UK primary schools?

Our tutors are Maths specialists who follow a programme of training developed with the Institute of Education, that is specifically focused on the requirements of the primary Key Stage 2 Maths curriculum with its focus on depth and mastery.

Will this work for my Pupil Premium children?

The majority of the pupils we teach (although by no means all) are in receipt of Pupil Premium. Often these pupils have specific difficulties around reasoning and a lack of confidence in Maths which can be a barrier to progress. Our tutors work to develop a growth mindset as well as key conceptual knowledge for the pupils. Impact can be tracked in weekly and termly reports for SLT, Ofsted and governors.

How is this different from other interventions?

Evidence from research with EEF and others is that, to be effective, Maths interventions need to be delivered by those with expertise in the subject. All the tutors delivering our 1-to-1 lessons are Maths specialists, who know the curriculum inside out and have the numerical fluency to support children to overcome their misconceptions in Maths. The result is that pupils make accelerated progress.

Do you use a mastery approach?

We have high expectations of all our pupils and encourage a deep understanding of the concepts covered in our lessons. Each lesson has warm up questions that test the prerequisite knowledge and a short post session quiz so that the tutor can navigate to a particular lesson to plug gaps or know to review an area in their subsequent lesson. Tutors instil grit and perseverance through specific praise and rewarding effort rather than outcomes. Last term, 73% of our pupils who disagreed with the statement ‘Everyone could do well if they worked hard’, radically changed their opinion by the end of the intervention to believe that the harder you work, the better you do.

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