Give Maths a Red Nose and get set for #RND2017: Topical Maths [7]

By David Leighton 

Use these Red Nose Day maths activities to bring purpose and context to Key Stage 2 Maths investigations at primary; number 7 in a series of blogs linking classroom KS2 Maths lessons and resources to topical, calendar-based events.

Just around the bend to April, our tour of topical, calendar-based Maths activities takes a stop at March 24th - Red Nose Day! 

Red Nose Day is ‘when people across the land get together, put on their Noses, and change lives’. It’s a day dedicated to making giving fun and helping those in need. For more information on how to get involved see Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day homepage.

Since 1988, the year it began, Red Nose Day has become a staple institution of the British calendar - Comic Relief spends money raised by RND to help those living ‘tough lives’ across the UK and Africa. As such we feel there’s no more worthy a day to include in our series of topical blog posts. 

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Maths, charity and giving

Being conscientious, charitable, and kind is - surely - what we hope our pupils will be throughout their lives. However, it is important to remember that sometimes this doesn’t come naturally. As Primary Teachers, you might say it is our duty to try and instill and nurture positive attributes and qualities in our pupils. Bringing charity work into your Maths activities is one way to do this.

Plus, whenever you’re giving money, there’s always an element of Mathematics. So whilst Red Nose Day Maths activities contribute to creating more well-rounded and empathetic pupils, it can also hone their Maths skills.

With this in mind, below are two Maths investigations linked to Red Nose Day 2017 for you to try out in the classroom this week. For the printable Red Nose Day activity worksheets and more Spring-term 2017 activities linked to topical Maths, download your free topical problem solving resource

Investigation 1: Red Nose Day Money Maths

Investigation 2: Red Nose Day Danceathon!

Comic Relief spends the money raised by Red Nose Day to help people living tough lives across the UK and Africa. In 2015 Dermot O’Leary raised £1 million for Red Nose Day by dancing for 24 hours.

  • How much did he raise every hour, to the nearest £?
  • How much did he raise every minute? 
  • How much did he raise every second, to the nearest penny?

Tweet us at @thirdspacetweet and tell us: what your school did this Red Nose Day?

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