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We’re optimists. We believe we can help to transform an education system in which too many children still fall through the gaps.

If you like solving problems and believe that you can make a difference, then join us.

Our Priorities

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Work with more and more pupils and schools across England to raise performance

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We’re thinking of ways of expanding our work beyond primary schools

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Develop new technology that will allow us to analyse our online teaching to optimise learning and identify the best teaching practices

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Increase the number of tutors we work with in Asia, aiming to become the world leader in online teaching

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We’re developing a solution that allows teachers and their pupils to understand the impact of our tutoring

Life at Third Space Learning

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Wake up excited about going to work

We care about what we do. Cliché? Maybe. But we genuinely do! We all understand the role we play in the bigger picture and we are incredibly committed to do whatever it takes to help our pupils.

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Collaborate and get involved

We don’t like silos. You’ll have a main responsibility, but will still be involved in projects that will ensure you collaborate with people across different teams. We believe this working culture is essential to innovation and creativity.

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It's all about learning

We are learning as a company and so will you. It’s ok to ask questions and make mistakes, so long as you and everyone around learns from them.

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Have fun!

We spend one third of our days at work so we may as well do what we love and have fun while at it. Besides, what better way to learn than while having fun? And yes, we have what you’d expect in a start-up: beers on Fridays, team lunches and fun activities!

Our Teams

Even though we have four main teams, we bring people from across all of them to work together on specific projects. Here’s how we’re structured:

Product Team

We take a data driven approach to our product development which is why the web development and research team work very closely, and together are the product team.

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Our team creates the product that pupils, teachers and tutors use. We keep improving it based on our customer feedback and develop new technology to help pupils progress.

Learn more about our Software Development team.

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We combine teaching experience, data science and academic research to help improve the teaching and business performance of Third Space Learning.

Schools Team

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We are a diverse group made up of former teachers, marketing, sales, and technical experts. We work with schools every day to ensure they have the best possible experience.

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Tutor Centres Team

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Based in Sri Lanka, our team trains and mentors our tutors in order to provide consistently high quality personalised teaching.

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Central Team

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We’re responsible for the strategy and resourcing of the business, supporting the different teams in achieving their goals.